State Bicycle Domingo Dutch Style City Bike

State Bicycle City Bikes are for everyone; The relaxed geometry and gearing ensure comfort for both beginners and advanced riders
The styling is Dutch/European inspired with a State Bicycle Co. flare
We’ve equipped each model with a coaster brake for easy stopping and clean aesthetic

A harmonious melding of Utility and Old-International Sophistication.

It has a comfortable geometry and gearing to house all levels and forms of riders. Each and every Town Motorbike model is supplied with a coaster brake for simple stopping, chain-guard, mustache handlebars, and a bell.

For the real classicist, the Town Motorbike Deluxe is yours. These pragmatic bicycles are lovingly outfitted with front and rear fenders, a front basket, and rear adjustable pannier rack.

The versatility of a Town Motorbike is aware of no bounds. Whether or not you are cruising around campus, commuting to work, or conquering the weekend, the wonderful thing about a Town Motorbike is within the A to B.

Hop on a Town Motorbike and get going!

42cm: 4’10” to five’3″
46cm: five’3″ to five’6″
52cm: five’6″ to five’11”
56cm: five’11” to six’3″
State Bicycle Town Bikes are for everybody; The comfortable geometry and gearing be sure comfort for both beginners and complicated riders
The styling is Dutch/Eu impressed with a State Bicycle Co. flare
Now we have supplied Each and every model with a coaster brake for simple stopping and clean aesthetic
Each and every model includes a chain-guard, mustache handlebars and a bell usual; Deluxe version comprises fenders, basket and adjustable pannier rack
This Motorbike is the easiest campus bicycle, day by day commuter, or weekend errand runner