the Park Row City Cruiser by Sole Bicycles

The City Cruiser Series by Solé Bicycles used to be created to mix the relief and simple cruising style of a Beach Cruiser with the rate and lightweight maneuverability of a Fixed Gear Bicycle. With the Solé “Corky Gripmaster” Grips and “Ride’m Cowboy” Springer Saddle, we provide the so much comfy saddle on two wheels. Believe us, your rear end will thanks later. With coaster brakes – pedal backwards to forestall. This bike features superior Solé signature geometry with out a wires or cables. The City Cruiser series also features 700x28cm rims & tires for the very best mixture of speed & comfort, working at a 46:18 gear ratio to provide you with that extra speed spice up, making sure you arrive on the administrative center 5 minutes in advance than your boss. In brief, this bicycle is best for making your day by day go back and forth feel like a leisurely ride down the strands of southern Baja, with enough umpphh to get you where you want to be with various time to spare. Taking care of your Solé Bicycle – Pump it up: Each and every few weeks, your tires would be super stoked when you grabbed your friendly bicycle pump and pushed some air into them. Your tires were meant to slowly seep air — so after they get low, pump them up. Keep it between 80-120 psi (Presta valve equipped).
46cm Fits Riders 4’10” – 5’2″, 50cm Fits Riders 5’3″ – 5’7″, 54cm Fits Riders 5’8″ – 5’11”
Frame: Hi Tensile Steel, Fully Tig Welded, Re-enforced Dropouts
Hub: Single Speed Coaster Brake 18T
Gear Ratio: 46:18, 700x28cm Rims and Tires
Arrives 85% assembled, instructions and tools included