Torque Arm & C Washers E-bike Electric Bicycle – Front or Rear

Torque Arm – 3/16″ Stainless Steel
Includes 2 C Washers
Includes 1 Hose Clamp for securing to bike tube or fork

Assists in keeping Electrical motorbike motor from spinning out of the drop-out mounts by means of moving one of the vital rotational torque from the ebike motor to the body or forks of the e-motorbike. Protection Observe: Electrical Automobiles must most effective be fixed on Metal forks. Torque Hands aren’t supposed to be an alternative choice to Automobiles fixed on aluminum forks.
Torque Arm – three/sixteen” Stainless Metal
Contains 2 C Washers
Contains 1 Hose Clamp for securing to motorbike tube or fork
1 Nut, 1 Bolt
Adjustable to quite a lot of configurations