URSUS Wheels Miura TS90 Tubular Wheelset with Campagnolo Sticker, White

TS90 is more aerodynamic than a three-spoke and more stable in crosswinds
Cycling’s fastest finishers have realized that a deep wheels set like Miura TS90 can help increase top speed in the final meters
The use up to now has been mainly suitable in time trials triathlons crates

HUBS: In ERGAL 7075 solid wrought with CNC, black anodized, on seal ball bearing SKF. Axle in Al 7075. Gadget 4BBS WEIGHT: Entrance 795g. Rear 945g. RIM: Monologue 100 p.c carbon fiber 3K. Peak profile H 90mm. Valve hollow diameter 6.5mm. SPOKES: Entrance: 20 FLAT INOX spokes BLACK. Rear: 24 FLAT INOX spokes BLACK. NIPPLES: Exterior. Nickel plated brass sort with locking Gadget.
TS90 is extra aerodynamic than a 3-spoke and extra solid in crosswinds
Biking’s quickest finishers have learned that a deep wheels set like Miura TS90 can lend a hand build up best velocity within the ultimate meters
The use previously has been basically appropriate in time trials triathlons crates