Valdora PHX Carbon Fiber Triathlon Bikes – Flat Black W/Green Accents – Ultegra – Triathlon

Extraordinary triathlon geometry. Ride aero comfort. Be ready to run fresh!
Semi compact geometry delivers a lighter, stronger, stiffer ride.
At 2.6 lbs the phx is among the lightest and strongest of the aero tri frames.

Complete Valdora PHX Triathlon bike. See images for component specs. More images on ValdoraCycles web page. *Ships 95% assembled! PHX carbon aero bikes are suitable for the weekend road bike rider or a seasoned iron distance triathlete. The proprietary geometry permits it to climb and descend like a road bike and the graceful shape and triathlon specific angles make it an exceptional triathlon machine. The semi compact design makes Valdora tri bikes lighter, stronger and easy to decide required size. The taller stack makes Valodora tri bikes a favorite for ITU draft legal triathlon competition. Valdora’s PHX carbon aero triathlon frame and fork feature a slippery aerodynamic profile. They’re designed utilizing advanced computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel checking out. Advanced carbon composites are laid up in Valdora’s proprietary molds. The moncoque carbon triathlon frames are tuned by varying the selection of layers of carbon prepreg and form of carbon at different elements of the frame. This optimum composite blend of intermediate and high modulus Toray carbon fiber yields the easiest combination – lightweight, high strength, stiff, yet vigorous. Tuned. The overbuilt bottom bracket area increases stiffness even as the inner cable routing reduces weight and drag. A replaceable derailleur hanger means no longer having to shop for a new frame if the rear derailleur hanger bends badly or breaks as a result of a crash. Horizontal, adjustable, drop outs scale back the distance between the tire and seat tube, reducing drag. Adjustment screws in drop outs allow for an adjustable wheel base. Valdora bikes are versatile! No proprietary tools or parts for assembly or repair. Triathlete Magazine said … “You’ll be able to to find that Valdora offers a light carbon compact that may be each bit (and in some cases more) as much bike as is obtainable by the large boys, all of the even as leaving you less light within the wallet.”

See image for complete bicycle package specifications.
Strange triathlon geometry. Ride aero comfort. Manage to run fresh!
Semi compact geometry delivers a lighter, stronger, stiffer ride.
At 2.6 lbs the phx is without doubt one of the lightest and strongest of the aero tri frames.
Deigned for both the weekend warrior and the elite iron distance competitor!
No fault crash replacement warranty and limited lifetime warranty.