VeriBest 24V 4A Lithium Battery Charger

Veribest Lithium Battery Chargers have been tested against the industry’s absolute best by an independent lab and judged to be as excellent as or better than the costliest, perfect-rated chargers in the marketplace lately, including Soneil chargers. Lithium batteries don’t seem to be cheap, and VeriBest chargers will assist give protection to that investment at an especially inexpensive value. ElectricRider can make adjustments essential to set the charge voltage in your LiMn2O4, LiFePO4, or other lithium kind battery. For a fairly different voltage, please call, email, or come with the requested voltage within the special instructions section on our shopping cart. This charger shall be set to 29.2V (LiFePO4) unless every other specific voltage is requested. VeriBest chargers have protective features such as reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, and so forth. So much VeriBest chargers are fused on both the AC and DC circuits, and the fuses are easily accessible with out openning the case. Except for 12V chargers, all chargers from ElectricRider have a three-pin XLR plug for the output unless differently specified or requested. ElectricRider has a couple of plug options to make a choice from, and can install the one in every of your choice by request.