Webetop 700C Carbon Fiber Ultralight Clincher Glossy Road Bicycle Wheelset,50×20.5mm,Customizable,1 Pair

Model: T700C 50×20.5
700x50x20.5mm Clincher Rim
The brake edge material use of special high-temperature handling the carbon fiber resin

Webetop 700C 50×20.5mm carbon bicycle wheel clincher light-weight carbon fiber motorbike wheelset,1 Pair


Model: T700 50×20.5 Clincher

Material: Full carbon

Spoke Hole: 20H/24H

Size: 700C 50×20.5mm carbon clincher wheels

Rim: 50×20.5mm clincher

Spoke: Sapim cx-ray

Hub: Novetec 271 Straight pull hub

Appearance: 3k Shiny

Nipple: Sapim (SISL)

Tire Pressure: 120Psi

Tire Pressure: 120Psi

Light weight however Upper Compressive strength

Load bearing capacity: T700 max load 200KG

Load bearing capacity: T800 max load 230KG

Load bearing capacity: T1000 max load 250KG

Packaging Main points:

1 x Pair Wheelset

Standard export carton with fixed foam inside of.

Why Select our Merchandise:

Excellent warmth resistance, very good thermal shock resistance

Lightweight top-density carbon fiber wheels, with very good performance and stability of the whole cut wind acceleration inertia

Significantly reducing the bending deformation when all of a sudden force scenario, can also be blocked to cut back wind resistance

Mechanical preparation, Upper precision, with out debugging.

Riding feeling lighter than comparable wheels, in order that the common spped considerably increased, to care for momentum of inertia performance is moderately just right.

Pedaling power when riding keep up a correspondence right away and securely to the rear wheels, road feeling feedback may be very solid, there can be no transparent-cut sense of delay.
Model: T700C 50×20.5
700x50x20.5mm Clincher Rim
The brake edge subject matter use of special top-temperature handling the carbon fiber resin
Sapim cx-raySpoke, Novetec 271 Straight pull hub
Light weight, Upper Compressive strength