Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Disc-Brake Road Wheel – Tubular

Material: [rim] carbon fiber
Rim Width: [maximum] 28.5 mm, [external] 26.4 mm
Rim Depth: 45 mm

If you are enthusiastic about going fast, then you are more than likely enthusiastic about Zipp wheels. But, if you want to milk each and every available advantage, the Zipp 303 Firecrest Tubular Disc Wheel takes the pronounced benefits of Firecrest technology and adds disc brakes into the equation. So, whether you are racing at the road or getting dirty at the ‘cross course, you can benefit from the enhanced braking power and modulation of the 303 Firecrest Disc wheel. The layup of the rim hasn’t changed from Zipp’s venerable 303 Firecrest tubular. That can come as a surprise, as disc brakes negate the desire for a braking surface. Then again, Zipp’s engineers found that the 303 Firecrest rim is already optimized in the case of strength and weight, so there wasn’t an advantage available by changing the rim profile. Then again, there’s one notable change from the rim-brake version, and that’s the reason the brake track itself. The usual 303 Firecrest uses a high-abrasion brake track, and the disc brake wheels receive no such remedy. As such, despite the fact that there’s a vertical sidewall, the 303 Firecrest disc wheels aren’t compatible with rim brakes. It follows that the disc version of the 45mm deep 303 Firecrest provides the similar advantages as its rim-brake counterpart. The Firecrest shape refers to a much broader rim profile. Extensive research has proven that this wider rim shape enhances the grip of your tires by increasing the size of the contact patch, and increasing the air volume of the tire. Not only does it beef up grip, but for the reason that increased air volume allows tires to deform more naturally over irregularities Within the road, the wider rim profile enables these wheels to roll faster than comparable wheels the usage of a narrower rim. Putting that extra rubber at the ground is especially noticeable on tubulars, where the stability gained permits you to enter turns faster and carry better speed. Within the spirit of quickness, the 303 Disc wheels retain the dimpled surface of the original. Like a golf ball, those dimples create…
Material: [rim] carbon fiber
Rim Width: [maximum] 28.5 mm, [external] 26.4 mm
Rim Depth: 45 mm
Front Hub: Zipp 88 disc
Front Hub Type: quick-release