Zipp 404 Firestrike Carbon Clincher Road Wheel

Rim Material: [rim] carbon fiber
Wheel Size: 700 c
Tire Type: clincher

Since They are a part of a limited edition run, Zipp’s 404 Firestrike Carbon Clincher Road Wheels are not the default choice for the French team AG2R La Mondiale. They are also not some of the more common sights at the place to begin of the local omnium series. Were they produced in a batch larger than 404 pairs, they may well be as ubiquitous as the 404 Firecrest wheels that They are loosely in line with. But They are not, so — although we see Zipp’s heraldry in each mass start, T1, and bunch finish — the limited edition 404 Firestrikes will unquestionably continue to be a rare sighting. Essentially the most welcome updates separating the Firestrike from the Firecrest manifest within the rim shape and brake track. The edges were reworked to supply a 34% net reduction in side forces from crosswinds and unfriendly yaw angles, making for more predictable handling within the conditions you can likely experience in a real race, not only a wind tunnel simulation. The Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Keep watch over (ABLC) dimples also were given an upgrade, appearing around the 404 Firestrike’s surface in greater number with smaller diameters than at the Firecrest models, resulting in yet more stability at speed. Zipp christened The brand new brake tracks “Showstopper,” a glamorous name for a quite simple — yet effective — design feature. Showstopper involves a unidirectional molded pattern imbued with silicone carbide particles for increased modulation Keep watch over and seize whilst braking in wet conditions. Zipp claims that this technology allows the Firestrike brake track to mirror aluminum rim braking when things get rainy when paired with the included Platinum Pro EVO Brake Pads, getting rid of worries of poor braking that may plague carbon rims in wet weather. The forefront clears debris and channels water off of the rim, allowing the chasing edge of the pad to realize purchase at the textured brake surface. The brand new Carbon Shield construction process further refines Zipp’s rim building, dropping a claimed 20g in comparison to the Firecrests w..
Rim Material: [rim] carbon fiber
Wheel Size: 700 c
Tire Type: clincher
Rim Depth: 58 mm
Rim Width: [external – max] 27.5 mm, [external – brake track] 26.4 mm, [internal] 17.25 mm