Zipp Super-9 Carbon Track Disc Wheel – Clincher

Rim Material: carbon fiber
Tire Type: clincher
Rim Width: [brake track width] 26.42 mm, [maximum width] 27.5 mm, [clincher bead width] 16.25 mm

Zipp’s first product within the late ’80s used to be the disc wheel, jumping into the spotlight as a serious wheel that would cheat wind unlike anything the cycling world had seen before. As of late, through professional rider feedback, using advanced composite technologies, and extensive wind tunnel testing, Zipp continues its mission of building the fastest disc wheels on the earth. With the introduction of the Super-9 Disc Track Carbon Clincher, Zipp’s Super line continues, marking this recent innovation in disc wheel design as its fastest wheel thus far. It balances aerodynamics, stiffness, light weight, and durability with the benefit and low rolling-resistance that just a clincher is in a position to provide. During extensive wind tunnel testing throughout Zipp’s “carbon clincher project,” its engineers came upon that, aerodynamically speaking, clinchers are significantly faster than tubulars. The transition from the tire surface to the rim surface allows for the airflow to stick attached, which reduces pressure drag and makes you go faster. This might only be achieved the usage of a carbon clincher design, as the carefully molded brake track more closely follows the contour of the clincher tire than that of a tubular. The reshaped brake tracks in reality tip inward quite, quite than aligning parallel to one another, with the disc bulging out at its widest point just below the braking surface. This helps to keep the clincher tucked down into the slightly wide, 26. 42mm tire bed. But even so an aerodynamic advantage, the added width between the clincher hook beads increases air volume within the tire, which means that a lower chance of pinch-flatting. The Super-9 carbon clincher still has a dimpling pattern that is specific to the 900, which helps smooth the air drift as a way to minimize drag. Its Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Keep watch over (ABLC) carbon fiber skins are embossed with over 4900 golf ball-like dimples in five different sizes patterned to force the airflow to form less turbulent boundary la…
Rim Subject material: carbon fiber
Tire Type: clincher
Rim Width: [brake track width] 26.42 mm, [maximum width] 27.5 mm, [clincher bead width] 16.25 mm
Brake Compatibility: rim brake
Hubs: Zipp Track