Rowheels LX Low Gear Wheels

In case you are searching for an alternate technique to role for your manual, light weight wheelchair, add Rowheels for your manual wheelchair these days! Rowheels are a brand new and cutting edge wheel where you PULL fairly than push your wheelchair in a rowing motion. Rowheeling with REV1 wheels might scale back shoulder-related injuries not unusual with manual wheelchair users. Features: Fits with Quickie, TiLite, Invacare/Most sensible End, Colours and Ki Mobility wheelchairs Push your manual wheelchair fairly than pull with the Rowheels cutting edge wheels Assist to cut back shoulder and wrist injuries not unusual with manual wheelchair users Engages higher body and back muscles helping to support posture, strength and balance 25% more uncomplicated to tug than a standard light weight wheelchair. Suitable for carpets, rugs and ramps Quadriplegic friendly Distinctive features come with assisted braking Pull-Push Propulsion Rowheels REV1’s have compatibility with such a lot manual wheelchairs such as Quickie, TiLite, Invacare/Most sensible End, Colours and Ki Mobility Compatibility requirements: Chair Frame Diameter between 0.75″ – 1.375″ and Axel Receiver Length Kind I (between 2″ and 2.1875″), Kind II (between 2.18″ and 2.47″) and Kind III (between 2.475″ and three”) Approximately 4lbs. added weight for your manual wheelchair (in comparison to a 32 Steel Spoke Wheels) To be had in 22″, 24″, 25″ and 26″ size wheels 4 Degrees Maximum Camber Magnesium Alloy wheel hubs Handrim hub is manufactured from glass filled nylon composite Features Schwable Rightrun, Schwable Marathon Plus EVO, Shox Solid Tires Maximum weight capacity is 275 pounds