Henri de Rivel RTF Rivella Covered Close Contact Saddle

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Constructed from luxurious leather
Rich, coffee brown finish

The Henri de Rivel RTF Rivella Covered Close Contact Saddle features the cutting edge Rotate-To-Have compatibility system. This luxuriously soft covered leather saddle offers the similar design as the preferred Rivella Close Contact saddle and gives the rider maximum comfort and an in depth contact ride. To regulate, simply take away the HDR nail head, rotate the Allen wrench supplied, and replace the nail head. The saddle will also be fully adjusted with just three turns of the wrench. Includes foam panels. About Henri de Rivel Few saddleries compare to Henri de Rival. Riders of all revel in levels gravitate to Henri de Rival saddles for his or her hand made design and classic look. The saddles, bridles, and tack are created by a highly specialized workforce of artisan carpenters and blacksmiths who put all in their art, wisdom, and dedication into making these premium saddles, leather bridles, stirrups, and leather reins. These artisans have been very moderately trained and decided on. Henri de Rival desires the riders of the sector to revel in the outstanding caliber in their saddles. Henri de Rival is a global company founded in France and beloved all over the world. Choose between to be had size options. Comprised of sumptuous leather. Wealthy, coffee brown finish. Rotate-To-Have compatibility system. Supplies extreme comfort and shut contact ride. Allen wrench included.
Choose between to be had size options
Comprised of sumptuous leather
Wealthy, coffee brown finish
Rotate-To-Have compatibility system
Supplies extreme comfort and shut contact ride