Vittoria Bomboloni New TNT Tire

Compound: dual compound
Size: 29 x 3.0 in
Type: tubeless

Just as snow tires mean you can take your well-which means, two-wheel-drive sedan places you although it will never see, Vittoria’s 29 Plus Bomboloni TNT Tire is ready to grow to be your already capable 29er into a snow-eating machine. When you find yourself no longer tackling purely technical terrain, the short-rolling alternating center tread at the Bombolonis will be certain that they never veer towards the clunky, unyielding end of the spectrum. A 29+ tire can blast via absolutely anything, which is why it is sensible that Vittoria chose to take inspiration from automobile snow tire technology when developing the Bomboloni. In a position to ferrying you over the whole thing from flippantly dusted hardpack to piles of slushy, wet snow, the Bombolonis are made with Vittoria’s durable dual-compound rubber and secure by 120 TPI casing. Sq. knobs paired with sharply squared-off edges at the tires lend ample confidence as you ride over slick sections of path or corner via deep snow, at the same time as the alternating sipe angles — skinny slits cut around the surface of the tire to extend traction — supply added grip on icy or wet terrain in the similar method that they do on your car.
Compound: dual compound
Size: 29 x 3.0 in
Kind: tubeless
TPI: 120
Really useful Use: snow and sand


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