Vittoria Rubino III Wire

Sizes: 700×23, 700×25, 700×28, 650×23
Max PSI Rating: 100-145
Ideal mix of features makes it the perfect all-rounder


The preferred all-rounder Rubino has the easiest mixture of options for such a lot amateurs, with the staying power for the hardest challenges. Those tyres are powerful 60 TPI nylon casing, have a technical tread development and lengthy existence tread compound. This tyre additionally has an efficient puncture coverage gadget making it the rider’s selection for staying power races and lengthy coaching rides in just right and unhealthy weather prerequisites.
Sizes: 700×23, 700×25, 700×28, 650×23
Max PSI Rating: one hundred-one hundred forty five
Perfect mixture of options makes it the easiest all-rounder
Prime mileage tyre designed for lengthy service existence
Protected and relaxed, with a large collection of colors and sizes


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