WTB Velociraptor 26″ Mountain Tire – Front or Rear

The WTB VelociRaptor isn’t any newcomer to the mountain motorbike global. A game-changer when introduced in 1994, these tires have been shredding trails ever since and not using a signs of forestalling any time soon. The front and rear-explicit tread patterns are ideal for digging on the dirt to take care of traction in all kinds of stipulations, so you never have to fret. Check out riding one of the crucial classic combinations of all time – they only flat out work. Massive, directional tread pattern claws on the dirt and maintains a consistent feel for better cornering Front tread complements steerage response and keep an eye on whilst shedding dust Rear tread digs in that will help you climb and break with a few serious power Light-weight casing shaves grams and rolls rapid to reduce resistance Puncture-resistant tread protects against thorns and different path debris Folding bead sheds grams Size: 26×2.1 Sold one after the other: Front or Rear