Kenda Tires K838 Commuter/Cruiser/Hybrid Bicycle Tires

Recommended PSI: 40 – 65 pounds per square inch; 26×1.95 Inch
Wire beads for increased durability
Modeled after a motorcycle tire for increased speed and reduced resistance

Tougher, higher, sooner, stronger. That is the way you ride with the Kenda K838. Those tires are modeled after the ones of a motorbike and therefore designed to will give you more speed and not more resistance. The 1.ninety five-inch width of the tire takes you where you want to move while you want to move how you want to move. You can have more command over more forms of terrain, wet or dry. Take back keep watch over of the street and your ride with a collection of Kenda K838s.
Advisable PSI: 40 – 65 pounds per sq. inch; 26×1.95 Inch
Cord beads for higher sturdiness
Modeled after a motorbike tire for higher speed and reduced resistance
Perfect for commuting, leisure driving and more severe biking in an array of landscapes