Pure Fix Velo Drome Bicycle Saddle

Classic velodrome style saddle seat
Saddle seat with extra padding and comfort in mind
Available in an array of colors that combine with fixed gear bike colors

That includes metal rails, the Natural Repair Cycles Drome Velo bicycle saddle suits such a lot bicycles and seat posts. The velodrome is where the quickest of the short cyclists sing their own praises their stuff. Now you’ll be able to offer protection to your stuff, whether or not you might be monitoring at the drome, or simply cruising the streets.
Classic velodrome taste saddle seat
Saddle seat with further padding and luxury in thoughts
To be had in an array of colours that mix with mounted tools motorbike colours
Easiest saddle for road, commuter, mountain, single-speed and stuck tools bicycles
Natural Repair Cycles wing emblem included on rail