Sidebike Men’s Women’s All Road Mountain Cycling Shoes for Road and MTB (White Red for MTB, 11)

1. Fabric: 1.2mm veneer microfiber breathable wear
2. Inside the heel: Lycra slip
3. Outsole: Nylon + Tpu superior compressive strength

Cycling shoes subject material :

1,Cloth: 1.2mm veneer wear breathable microfiber
2,Inner heel lining: Lycra slip
3,Outsole: superior compressive strength Nylon + Tpu
4,Buckle: fast liberate, twin regulation
5,Insole: breathable antimicrobial
Web weight 580g, gross weight 860g

Why Select the cycle shoes?

This level athletic shoes appropriate for a wide variety of fancy riding off-road riding rapid lock system, so this cycling shoe stuffed with stiff and highly expressive
1. ergonomic soles and insoles to make stronger the relief and performance
2. Light-weight, ankle position keep an eye on, external twin adjustable buckle D-link
3. The usage of a specially designed Light-weight in top wear spaces resistant materials
4. Save drag and light-weight fastener make certain protected locking
5. More than one injection molded soles bring confidence to ride
6.2 screw locking plate fixation for such a lot mountain motorcycle pedal
7. Super breathable tongue
8. The fabrics used inside of slip heel lining Lake, better wrap the heel, no longer falling

Size Chart of the biking shoes:

Europe 40, US 7.5, Shoe duration: 25.5cm, Shoe Forefoot Width: 85.62mm
Europe 41, US 8, Shoe duration: 26cm, Shoe Forefoot Width: 87.21mm
Europe 42, US 9, Shoe duration: 27cm, Shoe Forefoot Width: 88.8mm
Europe 43, US 10, Shoe duration: 27.5cm, Shoe Forefoot Width: 90.39mm
Europe 44, US 11, Shoe duration: 28cm, Shoe Forefoot Width: 91.98mm
Europe 45, US 12, Shoe duration: 29cm, Shoe Forefoot Width: 93.57mm
Europe 46, US 13, Shoe duration: 29.5cm, Shoe Forefoot Width: 95.16mm
1. Cloth: 1.2mm veneer microfiber breathable wear
2. Within the heel: Lycra slip
3. Outsole: Nylon + Tpu superior compressive strength
4. Buckle: double adjustment serve as
5. Insole: breathable antimicrobial