TiGr Lock 24-Inch Bow 125 Flexible Standard Bike Lock, Titanium

High security bicycle lock that doesn’t rob you of your bike riding enjoyment
Light, Flexible, Easy to Carry and Versatile
Straps snuggly to your top tube while you ride – there when you need it.

125 TiGr BOWS

– For anytime you wish to have excellent security and you wish to have to benefit from the ride.

– For riding downtown, commuting, or touring.

– For running errands and riding with buddies.

Very excellent security for longer stops and better robbery chance eventualities.
125 TiGr bows meet, or exceed, ART level 2 bicycle security standards.

Which length TiGr Bow is correct for me?

Any length TiGr Bow will work with any bicycle.
The longer the bow, the more locking choices you’ve gotten. The shorter the bow, the more carry choices you’ve gotten. All bow lengths can strap to the highest on so much bikes whilst you ride.

Usual Bow (24 in.) – long enough to capture both wheels on road bikes
Long Bow (30 in. long) – long enough to capture both wheels on mountain bikes.
Short Bow (18 in. long) – long enough to capture one wheel and the frame. Short enough to stow in so much backpacks whilst you ride.

TiGr invites folks to reshape their enthusiastic about motorbike security and to believe powerful, versatile and easy motorbike lock solutions that help you benefit from the ride and carry a excellent lock.

Top security bicycle lock that does not rob you of your motorbike riding enjoyment
Light, Flexible, Simple to Carry and Versatile
Straps snuggly in your best tube whilst you ride – there when you wish to have it.
Anti-Pick out Rotary Disc locking cylinder housed in a chrome steel casing
Hand Crafted in USA