700c Zipp 202 Nsw Carbon Clincher Rear 24 Spokes Impress Graphics

NSW Carbon Clincher
Rim Width: 25.4mm external; 16.25mm internal


With a brand new lighter carbon fiber layup for the 32mm deep 202 NSW, they have dropped weight where it matters such a lot, on the outer fringe of the wheel, at the same time as keeping up the sturdiness and lateral stiffness that Firecrest is legendary for. Then they reduced aerodynamic drag with ABLC Sawtooth generation and used ImPress graphics to be sure that nothing stood between the air flowing over the rim and the dimples made to easy that glide. Figuring out that there is not any get advantages to a wheelset that climbs speedy and descends slow, NSW engineers incorporated their Showstopper brake track for probably the most confidence inspiring rim braking efficiency to be had, whether or not the street is wet or dry. Engineered for speed while approaching, ascending, traversing, and descending the arena’s toughest mountain roads, the Zipp 202 NSW is a wheelset that may most effective come from one place, The Nest, where the arena’s fastest wheels are made. Extras: Zipp Tangente titanium black skewer, Zipp valve extender through Silca, Zipp particular person wheel bag, Zipp Tangente Platinum Professional Evo brake pads, Zipp Tangente tube 700c x 20-28mm, Zipp rim tape 700c x 20mm
NSW Carbon Clincher
Rim Width: 25.4mm external; 16.25mm inside