Mavic Crossmax SL Pro LTD WTS 27.5in Wheelset

Rim Material: Maxtal aluminum
Wheel Size: 27.5 in
Tire Type: UST tubeless

Mavic’s Crossmax SL Pro LTD WTS 27. 5in Wheelset might self-identify as an XC race platform, however the adoption of the brand new 27. 5in wheel standard signifies that it will probably also nimbly navigate rock gardens and steep climbs without the wheel flop of its larger, 29er counterpart. Its primary job remains speed, even though, and few of the wheelset’s features play as large a role in its ability to accelerate and hold speed across varying terrain as Mavic’s Inter Spoke Milling 4 Dimensions (ISM 4D) process. ISM 4D gets rid of excess material in targeted areas in order not have an effect on durability, netting a lower rotational mass and reducing the wheel’s tendency to stay at rest. Less inertial resistance means more forward progress, so after you might have wiped clean that slow, techy line, they are going to be capable of fire on all cylinders. Whilst Mavic’s ISM 4D is accountable for keeping the rim weight down, the Instant Transfer System 4 (ITS-4) rear hub ensures that each one that low-weight efficiency is not wasted by sluggish, unresponsive engagement. IST-4 is a four pawl system that alternates engagement between two pairs of pawls. Since both pairs engage at different points within the freehub’s rotation, the gap between engagement points falls to simply 7. 5 degrees of free play. This nigh-immediate engagement is nice for sprinting in finales and Whilst jockeying for position in mass starts, nevertheless it actually makes its butter on technical climbs that require you to pick out through trail furniture and pop over rock gutters. The 17mm monoblonc axle is about as stiff as they arrive, and it tapers down to 12mm thru axle compatibility to make the most of the brand new, more efficient standard of oversized dropouts. The Crossmax SL Pro LTD WTS system is finished with Mavic’s new Crossmax Pulse tires, which combine a dual compound build with a fast tread pattern that provides slightly more clearance for mud and debris than the everyday hard pack-only XC tire. The middle strip is built for unyielding speed, even though the way to run the Pulse/Cro…
Rim Material: Maxtal aluminum
Wheel Size: 27.5 in
Tire Type: UST tubeless
Rim Width: [internal] 19 mm
Brake Compatibility: 6-bolt disc