Xentis Squad 2.5 Clincher Carbon Wheelset

Material: carbon
Rim Width: 21 mm
Rim Depth: 25 mm

The Xentis Squad 2. 5 Clincher Carbon Wheelset is the best choice when your job description, group-ride expectations, or personal preference indicate that you’ve one role: hiking mountains on a bike. All winter long, you reside like an ascetic monk whilst your rouleur buddies get chubby. Sugar cookies? No thank you, just a few fresh celery, please. In the end, you need to carry anything else you eat nowadays up the hill day after today. On the subject of your wheelset, you are expecting the similar rigorous standards toward weight. The Squad 2. 5’s claimed weight of 1,174 grams and barely-there rotational mass mean it???s the one wheel that really understands the sacrifices you are making to climb well. It also understands that what is going up will have to come down, so it is devoted to keeping you secure on fast descents. The entire carbon brake tracks behave more like machined alloy, stopping with consistent, confident force in wet or dry conditions. Additionally they withstand wear better than your typical carbon rim and do not even require special pads, so you’ll eschew the manufacturer’s kid-glove carbon brake pads in favor of that super light model. Please note that Xentis recommends a rider weight limit of 220lb (100kg).
Subject matter: carbon
Rim Width: 21 mm
Rim Depth: 25 mm
Front Hub: XeNTIS XH001-one hundred-B
Rear Hub: XeNTIS XH001-130-B