Zipp 404 Firestrike Carbon Road Wheel – Tubular

Rim Material: carbon fiber
Wheel Size: 700 c
Tire Type: tubular

Zipp’s iconic 404 Firecrest has long been a favorite wheel choice within the peloton, known for its ability to care for a multitude of ride conditions At the same time as delivering aerodynamic advantages over wheels with shallower rims. This year, Zipp has upped the ante with its limited edition 404 Firestrike Carbon Tubular Road Wheel, which boasts claimed improvements in handling and aerodynamics in comparison to the 404 Firecrest. After countless hours within the wind tunnel, the Firestrike profile emerged with a somewhat wider stance than the Firecrest for increased stability around the wheel and better handling in crosswinds. On the other hand, it is not just the rim shape that sets the Firestrike aside from the remainder. Zipp’s Carbon Shield construction process includes a refined lay-up sequence of unidirectional carbon fiber that is paired with a new mold-tool design and mold process that ends up in a consistently strong yet lightweight rim that may care for the hardest road conditions. In conjunction with its durability, the Firestrike features Showstopper brake track technology. Showstopper involves a uni-directional molded pattern imbued with silicone carbide particles for increased modulation Regulate and snatch At the same time as braking in wet conditions. Zipp claims that this technology permits the Firestrike brake track to mirror aluminum rim braking when things get rainy when paired with the included Platinum Pro EVO Brake Pads, getting rid of worries of poor braking that may plague carbon rims in wet weather. The forefront clears debris and channels water off of the rim, allowing the chasing fringe of the pad to achieve purchase at the textured brake surface. At the same time as Zipp built these wheels to be virtually bombproof, let’s now not fail to remember in regards to the aerodynamics. An up to date version of Zipp’s signature Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Regulate dimpling smooths airflow with strategically placed and sized dimples around the rim surface, allowing the wheel to slice in the course of the air like a hot, carbon knife through butter. The 404 Fires…
Rim Subject material: carbon fiber
Wheel Size: 700 c
Tire Type: tubular
Rim Depth: 58 mm
Rim Width: [external, widest] 27.8 mm, [external, brake track] 26.4 mm