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Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Fixie Bike

It is necessary to regularly clean and perform basic maintenance on your fixie bike in order to keep it in great functioning condition. If you ride it every day then it is necessary that you tune up your bike at least annually if not bi-annually. Here are some tips to keep your bike road ready at all times:

Require Tools:

You will need to have certain tools like a bike repair stand, lubrication, chain oil, wrenches, tire pressure gauge, water, rag and other things handy so that you can clean the bike easily and also maintain it.

Cleaning techniques of the wheels:

To clean the bike quicker you must disconnect the brakes and remove the wheels from the frame. Now, using a rag soaked in soapy water clean between the cassette wheel sprockets or the freewheel. Next, use a dry wash cloth for wiping out the hubs, rims and the spokes. Also make sure that the spoke tension of both the tires and the alignment is adjusted. For cleaning the fixed gear bike frame you can use a mild soap soaked rag and then wipe the bike down. Make sure that you have taken care to clean all the parts properly.

The first step to maintaining your fixie bike is to look out for any hairline cracks, shift cables or damaged brakes. If you find that the damaged parts are more than you can handle on your own, take it to local repair shop so that you can get it fixed immediately.

Lubrication is also important when it comes to the overall performance of your fixie bike. For lubricating use lubrication drops inside the shift components, cable housing and the pivot points of the brakes. If there is any oil on the brake pad, wipe it out as excessive oil may attract dust. So prevent that too by wiping out the excessive oil.

While you are working on your fixie bike you should also tune the brakes so that they keep on performing properly. For this you need to inspect the brake pad surface. If there are wear ridges, trim them off and by using sandpaper resurface the brake pads. Also do not forget to tighten the brake bolts properly.

If you do these things at regular interval you will find that your fixie bike is at its best condition.