reasons to ride fixie bike

Top 5 Reasons To Ride a Fixie Bike

As one of the first online fixie bike shops, we get asked all the time why to ride them. We decided to poll fans on our Facebook and Twitter on the reasons they choose to ride fixie bikes. Here are the top 5 reasons:

Aesthetics. Fixie bikes are as bare bones as they get resulting in a super clean look. Most fixie bike enthusiasts say that fixed geared bikes are bikes in their purest form. There no frills to get in the way of the clean lines that so many cyclists enjoy.

Price. Most fixie bikes are significantly less expensive than their geared counterparts. Mostly due to the fact that there are fewer parts which also results in less upkeep. Less parts equals less things to break.

The ride. There is a togetherness a rider feels with their fixie and the road that gets lost with geared bikes.  The lack of annoying  clicks and the mind space freed when you don’t think about shifting all lead to one thought. Just pedal.  You can stop worrying about shifting and spend more time taking in the the scenery.

Training. Even serious cyclists see the value of fixie bikes for training, either on the theory that it helps enforce cadence (there’s no taking breaks from pedaling on a fixie), or for strength training (since you’re in a higher gear than normal on hills).

Culture.  There is no doubt that one of the major reasons fixed geared enthusiasts chose a fixie bike is due to the lifestyle that has built up around fixies. From clothing, to TV commercials and even celebrities: fixie bikes are cool. The community of fixie bike riders is tight yet at the same time always expanding overseas and in the USA.